Chester Lush Blogger Event | The Big Reveal Halloween & Christmas

I can't believe I'm writing about Christmas in October. For someone who makes lists in their sleep, I have always been a last minute shopper when it comes to Christmas gifts. It's a bit of a tradition in our household that we franticly run around on Christmas Eve with a bottle of red, wrapping gifts until the early hours. Chowing down on an Indian takeaway and getting ever so merry in the process. However, this year I have already picked up a few bits and I intend to have everything wrapped and ready to go at least a few days before Santa arrives.

I love everything about Christmas, you could go as far as to call me Mother Christmas. From decorations to novelty Christmas earrings I love it all, the glittery the better in my opinion. So when my local Lush store invited me to a preview of their Hallowe'en and Christmas range I almost had a coronary.

We got to play, make and try the whole range and had some great fun in the process. As a green queen, Lush is one of my favourite brands as it's accessible on the high street and it's affordable.

To start the evening we had an icebreaker type of getting to know you throw the shower jelly. Everyone's competitive side surfaced as we threw Santa's Belly to each other one handed. After some demonstrations and chatter we all donned some rather attractive gloves and got our hands stuck in to make our very own ButterBear. It has the same ingredients as one of my all time favourite bath bombs, ButterBall but for this season is shaped into a rather cute bear. I also got to make and extra one for Hedd. We can't wait to have a ButterBear bath together.

After some organic snacks and mingling we saw MJ make a batch of the Buche De Noel festive cleanser and we were lucky enough to be the first ones in the UK to see it made. I used it this morning and oh my word, it's Christmas encapsulated in a pot.

If it's glitter you're looking for there are plenty of products to choose from including the Sparkly Pumpkin and the Five Gold Rings bubble bars.

Don't worry they also welcome back some old favourites including Snow Fairy (my personal favourite) and Rose Jam shower gels.

I think if you're looking for a gift, there is something for everyone and the gift sets are a little more thoughtful than a 3 for 2 set from Boots, I know I would appreciate it a lot more.

Every time I step into one of their stores, there is always an element of fun and the staff are always on hand to give you advice and guidance. The girls at the event were so knowledgeable and friendly, I felt like I'd left with a whole new group of friend as well as a great big bag of goodies to keep me going well into the New Year.

I had such a great weekend I decided to put together a little vlog, head over to my YouTube channel for weekly videos.

Laurie Rose