November Favourites | Natural Beauty, Baby & Lifestyle

It's that time again when I attempt to break the internet, via the wonderful world of YouTube. But rest assured I definitely won't be flashing my bottom or getting naked. Instead I have recorded my very first video. I decided to do a favourites video as they are the videos I like to watch the most online. But of course something had to go wrong. I filmed almost the whole thing with lipstick on my teeth! And by the time I'd realised the lighting was too bad to film the whole thing again so I decided to just upload it.

I've included a mixture of items, including natural beauty, fashion and some lifestyle products - basically everything!

I plan to film a few videos a month for the time being, allowing me enough time to find something interesting to talk about. I will be doing pregnancy updates and hauls as well as more natural beauty related videos, as I find it near enough impossible to find anyone in the UK doing anything on natural beauty. If you know of anyone currently doing them, do let me know.

So here it is, let me know what you think. Click here!

Laurie Rose 

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