Rose Scented Products

It's only natural I love roses with my adopted middle name being rose. But even as a child the familiar scent resonated through our house - we had four generations under one roof. I've spoken about my Gran in the past, she was a wonderful woman who travelled the globe and taught me how to knit. Sadly she past away when I was only seven, it was sudden and very unexpected. I felt i had so much more time with this adventurous globe trotter but unfortunately that wasn't to be. What she did leave me were fond memories and itchy feet.

There is almost a fondness to the scent of roses and you either love it or you hate it. I of course can't get enough of it.

Here I have put together a small collection of my favourite rose scented products, ones I have been using just recently.

I know facial wipes are a cardinal sin of the #bbloggers world, but if you wear thick, black, liquid eyeliner everyday and you wear contact lenses, you have no other option - plus I'm lazy!

I picked the new Garnier Soft Essentials wipes up at Sainsbury's - they were of course on offer - and they are so gentle and kind to the delicate skin around your eyes. I find some of the cheaper ones burn my skin. I usually take the bulk of my eye make-up off with these and then go on to a face cleaners and a muslin cloth to remove the rest.

This time of the year my hands not only get painful - one of my Fibro symptoms - they get really dry and itchy too. I have been using the Hemp Hand Protector from The Body Shop religiously for the past 8-9 years but when I saw they were doing it in wild rose I couldn't resist giving it a go. I tend to use this one day to day - it's always in my bag - and for the days when my hands are really dry - or after a bath - I will use the Hemp Hand Protector.

As for the Roses de ChloƩ this wonder has been on my wish-list for months and I finally got a bottle for Christmas off Momma Rinse. I can't begin to describe how classic and elegant this perfume smells. The subtle hint of roses lingers all day and the number of compliments I've had lately is astounding.

I haven't been using the Nuke's Gentle Toning Lotion for very long but so far so good, I will dedicate a blog post to it in a month of so and let you guys know what I think.

And last but by no means least the iRejuvenate hand & body cream has been a luxurious product I've been using a few times a week after I have my de-stress bath. It's calming and kind and is clinically proven to to promote elasticity and regenerate collagen. I've seen some positive results already.

Do you like rose scented products? Or is this a marmite situation?

I'd love to hear from you guys,

Laurie Rose


  1. The Body Shop hand creams are lovely!

    Kimberley x


  2. The Body Shop Wild Rose hand creams are my fav!

    Pretty Gloss :: Beauty, Makeup & a bit of Life..

  3. What a great post idea - rose is my all time favourite scent.....I love the Roger and Gallet Rose perfume, it's simply the best! Will have to try some of these :) I love parma violet things too x

    (Dear Thirty)

  4. I love the things with roses bringing back memories, the scent reminds me of sitting in the garden with my sister making 'perfume' with rose petals and water when we were younger!

  5. I love the Body Shop Rose hand cream! :)

    Kelly x


  6. Yes I like rose scented products ;) one of my favorites is the Chloe perfume
    xx ani