4 Ways to Wear a Vintage Dress! with Emma Cherry

Hello, my name is Emma and I write a little vintage lifestyle blog over at dearthirty.co.uk .

I was invited over to write this guest post by your lovely Laurie. So here I am and happy to be here too:)

Now lets talk about vintage!

Now, I'm not the sort of girl to have a gazillion dresses.Well, actually that's a lie - I am the sort of girl to have a gazillion dresses, vintage ones wherever possible. However, like most fashion crazed ladies, the average sized chunky wooden wardrobe does not permit such unreasonable dress behaviour; already heaving at the hinges, my wardrobe doesn't love me too much. Boo to that, of course.

I'll forever swoon at our American friends and their fabulously large walk in wardrobes. But hey ho, one must make do.

I'd like to show you how I manage my outfits when begrudgingly, space is an issue. How you can take a simple, yet fabulous vintage dress and create four unique styles. No one will ever know it's the same dress, I promise ;)

(Dress - Vintage / Wedges - TU@Sainsbury's /Belt - Vintage)

This 1950's sun dress has been hanging around in my wardrobe now for a few years; I've never given it much thought (or wearage) until now.....so this blog post was a great chance for me to experiment with different styles too.

(Dress - Vintage / Wedges - TU@Sainsburys / Blouse - New Look / Sunglasses - Giant Vintage)

I have been doing a lot of layering up recently, it's been so cold here in the UK and I just LOVE how by simply adding this little blouse under my dress gives it an edge. Not much warmer though, so we'll press on.

(Dress - Vintage / Cardigan - Vintage / Headscarf - Vintage / Shoes - F&F@Tesco / Sunglasses - Giant Vintage/ Socks - Primark / Blouse - New Look)
This is probably my favourite outfit of the four. Adding a headscarf, a beaded vintage cardigan and some cute ankle socks gives this dress quirky vintage style.

(Dress - Vintage / Jumper - Old Primark / Hat - Vintage / Shoes - Vintage / Tights - Vintage / Scarf - Had forever)
This is the sort of outfit I'd put together on one of those freezing, teeth chattering kinda days. I sometimes love to clash colours together, a little bit eclectic in style I think!

Hope this post has been inspiring, thanks for having me and thanks for reading :)

Emma x


  1. Love the third look! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  2. The hat in the forth look essentially has my heart a flutter. I'm such a sucker for vintage, and an even bigger sucker for a vintage hat! You look fabulous!