Autumnal Favourites #1

Seeing as autumn is my favourite season by a mile, I thought I would celebrate with a weekly favourites post. First on my list, lipstick. Where possible I like to use natural organic beauty products. Are bodies are being polluted enough by the day to day grind of life that something we are willingly putting on or in our body should only be he best. And a brand I stick to like glue is Korres. The majority of my make up bag is Korres products. I use their shampoo and conditioner and LOVE their shower gels, so why not love their make up too. The extremely uncomfortable close ups of my face don't do this colour justice. It has a deep wine red plumy colour. Perfect for this season.

When the seasons change my skin doesn't seem to know what to do with itself. In the summer it's oily and I get breakout and in the winter it's dry, itchy and it cracks. The most annoying part is my lips, I find it really hard to even wear lipstick. And this time of year I want to wear plums and deep reds but I find most lipsticks to drying. But not this one. It as hydrating as the lip butters with the most intoxicating scent. I can't wait to pick up some other colours. They have eight to choose from and they really vary in shades. Next stop mauve and nude. I usually buy Korres products from The Fragrance Shop which are usually a little bit cheap and their service is great.

I have so many favourites this month so watch this space.

Laurie Rose 


  1. I had no idea KORRES did make-up, where have I been!! This colour is gorgeous, really suits you!

    Claudia xx

    Beauty and the Chic

  2. It looks stunning on you! I've been meaning to give Korres make-up a try for a while.

  3. The colour is amazing!

    Abigail x

  4. This colour look amazing & you are so pretty!
    Thanks for sending your link in the FBLchat, i just followed! :)

    Through Chelsea's Eyes

  5. That colours absolutely gorgeous! Wish i could pull it off! x


  6. So pretty I love it :') <3


  7. Gorgeous lip colour! You're so pretty <3


  8. It looks amazing on you !

  9. This is a really pretty look! I love this lipstick, it looks lovely on you!

    Great blog, I'm a new follower and look forward to reading more of your posts! I'm going to spend some time reading your older ones now too!

    Kimberley x


  10. This lipstick shade is gorgeous, and you are so pretty! I've been wanting to try the Korres Lip Butters for a while actually I think I'll make a sneaky little purchase soon and treat myself :)

    Hannah x