how to shop the decades on a shoe string

I don't know about you guys but when I stumble across a site that has everything in one place, I get rather excited. I can spend hours (daily) scouring through different website on the hunt for the best of the best vintage inspired items and often I'm left disappointed, venturing back to the comforts of eBay where I know I'm safe and guaranteed to find something. But just the other day I found sheinside. Sheinside is a platform for designers to showcase their items, a bit like ASOS but cheaper and a bit more varied in style. Of course I headed straight for the dresses and I thought I would share a few just to show you guys how to get the look from each decade without breaking the bank.

40's Style Red Chiffon Tea Dress // 60's Style Collared Mod Print Dress // 50's Full Skirt Theatre Print Dress 

Tea dresses have made a huge revival lately and rightly so, I find the tea dress the most flattering for any shape, whether you have a pear or an hourglass figure this cut tends to excentuate all your best bits,  this is the style I usually gravitate towards. Heading straight to the fifties now this theatre print caught my eye instantly, it unusual and definitely is a statement item, throw on a petticoat to show off even more, this style is perfect if you have a pear shape. The swinging 60's have always fascinated me. The music the hair do's and not to forget the patterns. Unfortunately for me the cut of the mod style has never done my figure any justice, perfect for you twiggy wannabes out there, slim with legs to die for. Having said that I spotted this collared number on sheinside which proves you can show off your curves and still do the 60's.
70's Style Bohemian Paisley Smock // 80's Style Batwing Midi Dress // 90's Style Spaghetti Strap Sun Dress

So now we'd stepped back into the colourful world of vintage what does the retro era have to offer us, well as soon as I spotted the navy paisley smock instantly I thought festivals, peace and love and flowery head garlands. This will definitely be coming with me this summer, loose and stylish. Well the 80's now there are plenty of thing I could say about 80's fashion but it may offend someone, everything about the 80's screamed flamboyance.Bright colours, over the top shoulder pads and of course the dreaded perm. Having said that they did the 40's revival pretty well which means you can grab a 40's looking vintage dress on eBay for the fraction of the cost. I was instantly drawn to this batwing number, thrown on a brown belt and a floppy hat and you're good to go. It doesn't feel that long ago since the nineties, I was a kid growing up with the best TV shows and possibly the worst fashion, high waist denim and shell suits, who ever thought that they were a good idea. However it's gone full circle and now it's all back in fashion. Crop tops, neon and stone wash denim jeans are donning the high street. But one thing the nineties gave us were delicately patterned spaghetti strap summer dresses. Teamed with a pair of canvas boots this look is definitely what the nineties should be remembered for that and of course Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Laurie Rose 

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