Collection 2000 Extreme Eyeliner : Review

This is only going to be a quick one today, I have a FULL day off tomorrow and I will be spending most of my day blogging. I'm aware I have fallen behind and it's far from acceptable. I have so much on and I know it's not an excuse but I need to figure out a working/blogging/uni/life balance. 

I picked this eyeliner up when it was on offer, and believe me, I hunted high and low to find this bad boy. I think I was so frustrated that I couldn't get it easily, it became a mission to seek it out. I went to every Boots and Superdrug in the surrounding area and it seemed impossible to find. Then on a weekly food shop, I stumbled across the make up stands and there it was, one lonely eyeliner, finally I was victorious. 

Last year I attempted to try a new eyeliner in the from of the Soap & Glory Pen liner. I was beyond disappointed and promised I would never stray away from my beloved Exaggerate by Rimmel.

I had never really liked the pen liners as I had found them messy and their formula not opaque enough. The minute I applied this I knew I was in love. Easy application, long lasting and CHEAP! 

They have a few different colours in the range but I have only tried it in black. I highly recommend this for a cheap back up eyeliner to keep in your make up bag, although I have been using it religiously over the last month. I have applied it everyday for a month and it's still going strong.

Laurie Rose


  1. I've been meaning to try this out for ages, like you mentioned, it's just a case of actually being able to find it in store!

    - Keyta x

  2. Excellent, I think I'll try and track it down! xx