"Cathy I'm lost" I said, though I knew she was sleeping

 Dress - Vintage Local Salvation Army // Belt - Vintage // Cardi - Auntie Shirley's // Sunglasses - Vintage 

The minute I dug out my favourite pair of vintage sunglasses the weather decided to take a turn for the worse. Rain has poured for days now and it's back to the frizzy hair and soggy feet. I wanted to jazz up myself today and cheer myself up a bit. I'm back at uni and the work is suddenly piling up again, this year has felt a bit of a cop out really, I'm not sure I'm getting my monies worth this year, lets hope next year improves slightly.

I have exciting things in the works which should keep me occupied over the summer (if it decides to make an appearance.) Festivals, conventions and hopefully a little holiday somewhere new and exciting.

I picked this dress up from my local Salvation Army in their sale for about 99p I wasn't really intending to wear it really, I wanted to use the material to make some cushion covers as I thought it was a little big for me and not flattering at all. But once I'd given it a wash and a good iron (the material is hard to work with) I realised it was a lot better than I had first anticipated. 

I chucked on my VERY favourite vintage belt, which is my all time favourite item in my wardrobe and voila, instantly nipped in at the waist. I will probably wear this outfit more in summer, as its a great length (I'm certainly not a fan of anything above the knee with bare legs)  

I'm sure you guys are fed up hearing about the Rimmel Apocalips but I have to mention it because it is my favourite lip colour ever. I am addicted to the shade Luna, which is a creamy peachy coral. I wont leave the house without it, it looks great with everything and really suits my complexion. I purchased them all as soon as they were released and like them all but the one I always reach for is Luna. Well done Rimmel for creating another product I can add to my holy grail list.

Laurie Rose


  1. I was just thinking about how lovely this dress was! It's amazing what you can get at such an inexpensive price!

  2. That dress is lovely, perfect for layering with leggings, boots and a cardy in the chillier weather, but equally good with a pair of ballet pumps and bunnies.

    Great bargain too!


  3. Love that dress!


  4. You look wonderful! I love that lip color but we can't get them here yet. :)x

  5. Those sunglasses are amazing, I want them!! <3

  6. what a pretty dress! The rain and wind always ruins my hair! xx

  7. absolutely love this dress!! x