I cried a tear because of you

I haven't done an outfit post for months and now I have my new camera I decided to share with you some recent finds. I instagramed this dress last week after receiving it from Ebay, you guys seemed to love it and lets just say it went down a storm on what's becoming a regular Friday Gin Night.
I'm forever scrolling through Ebay finding bargains, but this believe it or not only cost me 1p, I know I couldn't believe it either. Here I've just teamed it with a vintage cardigan from my Auntie Shirley and some zip detail boots. 

Retro Dress - Ebay // Cardigan - Auntie Shirley's // Bag & Scarf - Thirfted // Boots - Primark // Laddered Tights - DIY

Laurie Rose xo


  1. 1p!!! 1p! what a freaking steal! had to read it again just to make sure i hadn't read it wrong! i'll definitely be making the rounds on ebay more frequently now...lets hope i can find such a great bargain like you did!

  2. Anonymous19:35

    those boots look exactly like the ones I want from Topshop! are they still in Primark? x x x

    1. yeah, I picked them up last week from my local Primark and it's pretty small, so I'm positive the bigger stores will stock them :) xx

  3. Ebay is so addictive! Haven't managed to get anything for 1p yet though. That'll definitely be my next mission now I know it's possible. x

  4. Absolutely love this outfit!! You look lovely :). Corr what a steal as well, well done you, you little bargain hunter :) xx

  5. 1p, wow. :o Biggest bargain ever? Haha. Lovely outfit! xo

  6. It's a great dress. I have ZERO luck with Ebay :(

  7. wow so gorgous! i adore your hair darling! and the dress is so adorable too!
    love and kiss,mary

  8. lovely outfit, you are so pretty! :D xx