Love Lettuce

At the minute I just can't get enough of Lush Cosmetics, everything from the Sea Salt Shampoo to the Happy Hippy shower gel, it seems everything I am using right now is Lush. I have even booked a treatment in the London Spa :)

 I have always had problem skin ever since I can remember, my anti anxiety medication used to give me dry, itchy skin that would flake and crack on a daily basis and only prescribed ointment seemed to soothe the itching. Three months ago today I stopped my medication all together (hip hip hooray) I had been dependant on them for such a long time I felt I would never cope without them but I am doing wonderful, I am happier, I have more energy and finally my skin is better than ever. Other issues I have been finding with my skin since becoming vegetarian eight months ago now my T Zone has been really greasy, I have tried lots of face washes etc but Love Lettuce has really began reducing my shiny forehead. 

As you all know about Lush products they are all either veggie or vegan, Lush are always at the front line when it comes to fighting against animal testing, and a shocking demonstration in most shop windows in April opened peoples eyes to the effect beauty products has on our poor furry friends.

You can purchase Love Lettuce online and in store and it costs £5.75 for 75g which surprisingly has lasted longer than I thought. 

Ensure you keep this product refrigerated, I even pop it in the freezer for 5 mins before applying to give it an extra chill. Apply a generous, even layer onto your neck and face, leave on for roughly 10 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Give your face a good scrub, it feels amazing!!! 

I really can't wait for pay day so I can treat myself to some of the others available, any suggestions?

Laurie Rose xo



  1. ah lush face masks are so good! This looks like a really nice one. They used to do a really nice teen skin one that was chocolately, I used to buy that all the time when I was younger. Think I'm going to go in search of a nice adult alternative! xx

  2. I've heard some really good things about Lush face masks, but haven't tried one yet ~ I may have to have a look when I'm next in Lush!! :)
    Emma xo

  3. so cool! We also bought some of these masks! Awesome outfits, posts, and blog! Come by soon and let's follow each other! Stay in touch ;) xx

  4. i'm gonna but this from Lush next time, i love everything they have :) Hey, if you want, check out my blog
    www.nessa-mae.blogspot.co.uk, If you like it follow on GFC and Bloglovin, and I ALWAYS follow back xx – Vanessa Mae

  5. i loooooooove LUSH masks. they're natural and i just love how they leave my skin soft and smooth.

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  6. I love everything Lush! And your blog is very cute :)

  7. Anonymous18:54

    i love applying diff face masks! love the blog girl


  8. heyyy... you look so cute with green masks
    visit myblog :)


  9. looks really really nice! Ive never tried any Lush skincare before, I should probably get around to buying some! I'll for sure take a look at this in store! <3

    lovely blog!


  10. this looks so lovely on your skin HA boogie face mask :P


    Muchos Smiles,
    bb, xoxo

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  11. Totally want to try this mask!


  12. Hahaha you look so cute in the mask but I am dam sure that it worked a lot on your skin as it seems so herbal indeed...