Why not get to know me a little better...

  1. Vital Stats:
    Name: Laurie Rose
    Nicknames: Lau (very exciting I know)
    Birthday: June 2nd
    Place of Birth: North Wales
    Zodiac sign: Gemini
    Occupation: Support worker for young adults with brain injuries, aspiring writer.

    Hair colour: Aurbun (naturally blonde)
    Hair length: Long
    Eye colour: Blue
    Best feature: My eyes and I quite like my feet.
    Braces: I had braces in my early teens to correct my over bite but as time has gone one they are almost the same as before I had them, years of teasing wasn't at all worth it.
    Piercings: Ears, Nose.

    Tattoos: Three

    Righty of Lefty: Righty

    Best friend: The first and only person in my life so far I feel changed me as a person is Faye, and sadly we lost her 2 years 4 months ago tomorrow, her heartbreaking battle with cancer changed me in so many ways. I no longer feel depressed, I feel stronger and I live everyday as if it were my last.
    Award: Acting.
    Sport: I used to dance, but don't find the time any more.
    Real Holiday: Majorca with both my parents...together.
    Concert: Spice Girls, I am not ashamed.

    Favourite Album - Rumours by Fleetwood Mac.

    Film: Cover Girl with Rita Hayworth.
    TV Show: Right now...Mad Men.
    Song: Fleetwood Mac - Planets of the Universe.
    Restaurant: A local gastro pub on the River Dee.
    Store: Salvation Army.
    Book: The Post Office by Charles Burkowski.
    Magazine: oh comely.
    Shoes: Minnetonka Moccasins. 

    Feeling: Sleepy!
    Single or Taken: Single.
    Eating: I just had chilli eggs on rye toast.
    Thinking about: Someone!
    Watching: In an out of beauty vlogs.
    Wearing: Pj's

    Want Children: Of course.
    Want to be married: Yes
    Careers in mind: Writer and/or Housewife.
    Where do you want to live: In a cottage, near the sea.

    Do you believe in:
    God: No.
    Miracles: No, I asked for one one, but I still lost her.
    Love at first sight: Lust is the initial emotion you feel, as time passes and your feeling for one another grow, you know that it probably was love.
    Ghosts: Yes, but I'm not a freaky supernatural person, I have expereiced things and let's just say we're not alone.
    Aliens: who knows.
    Soul Mates: I believe that a few people are compatible in life, but to say there is just one person out there for you is a bit far fetched, it's about trial and error, god knows I'm still searching.
    Heaven: I am not religious.
    Hell: See Above
    Kissing on the first date: If it feels right, why not!
    Yourself: I am beginning to!

    I thought I would do this tag, I was falling asleep and wanted to post something fun, enjoy!

    Laurie Rose xo


  1. Woww we are so alike. It would be weird to say everytning in a comment but I also want to be a writer and it really scares me because I have never felt so passionate about anything else. :)x
    P.S I'm so sorry for your friend, I can even imagine the pain you had/have to deal with.

  2. This post is literally so so sweet!
    It's inspired me to post a little 'get to know me' as well (:

  3. i love bukowski :)

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