My new eyes.

Contemporary Cat Eye.

You will very rarely see me in glasses, even close friends don't even know I am blind as a bat, my prescription is so bad that I even have to have my lenses thinned out to prevent the bottle top look. Growing up it wasn't cool to wear glasses and I was teased for years, but now its fashionable and you will often find people wearing non prescription glasses on nights out, something I find hard to fathom at times as I am as short sighted as a mole. I had vowed to start looking after my eyes after suffering for years with corneal ulcers (yes they are as disgusting as they sound) I have hunted high and low for a pair I actually like and finally on a random visit to my local Vision Express I came across this wonderful pair by Superdry, a brand I would never have even considered in the past.

Fancy domino style glasses case.

My beautiful cat eye green tortoiseshell specs.

A very happy customer.

The new range of Superdry glasses at Vision Express are wonderful, quirky and classic styles grace the display cases at affordable prices. Mine cost just shy of £170 which included my lenses (not as pricey as I was expecting for Vision Express)

Why not check out their range and see what you think :) 

Laurie Rose xx


  1. Those are gorgeous! Very very stylish and classy looking ;)

  2. You look amazing in them! ^.^

  3. i love those glasses and how cool is the case?! xx

  4. Argh I love your glasses! And the case! Want! <3

  5. great purchase dear, you look so fabulous

  6. it really looks good on you! xx <3
    fits perfectly with your style ... ;)


  7. These really suit you and are really nice glasses. I wear glasses but don't have to wear them all the time at the moment but I think I will need to in a few years!

    Tanesha x

  8. thanks for following me :) these glasses are so cool, i want a pair that are baby pink!

    Rosie Say Relax

  9. These look amazing on you! We hope you enjoy wearing them :-) Thank you also for the lovely write up in your blog, it is most appreciated.

  10. ah i love them! they really really suit you. how lucky that you just came across them.
    Lovely blog :) x

  11. Those specs are gorgeous! Really suit you!



  12. They look very well on you!
    my glasses are from Emporio Armani. its more geometric in black and white colors.

    just followed!
    follow me back and lets read eachother:)