Hop Farm Festival 2012

Last year I spent most of my summer living in Holland and missed out on the UK's best kept secret, Hop Farm Festival is one of the only true to music festival we have left. With no branding or sponsorship this is what all festivals once were, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming as soon as you arrive on the impressive site, and each year the line up never seems to fail. 
I am excited to see new and old artist join together to create a wonderful experience for all.

Scrolling through the many snaps of last years festival fashion I decided I would share some of my favourites. At a festival it is inevitable, you smell, your hair begins to resemble a birds nest and mud get everywhere and sometime its hard to stay looking your best. But don't worry your pretty heads, take my advice, as your number one guide to looking fabulous while slumming it I am here to lift the lid of your festival fashion essentials this summer.

My favourite thing about festivals is you get the chance to be silly and anything goes. This outfit is super simple but full of fun. This is your chance to miss match as much as possible, just let go. A good sensible pair of footwear is essential, "okay, Mum" I hear you cry but trust me the amount of walking you will be doing is unimaginable. The range of welly boots out there is insane these days. Whether you are looking for pink one with yellow elephants or the traditional green Hunter's the majority of high street store's will start stocking them around this time, so what ever style tickles your fancy grab them before they all go. 

My most favourite thing about this outfit is the accessories, at whichever festival you're attending this summer the floral garlands will be seen everywhere and on everyone, why not create your own floral head piece to stand out among the crowd.

**Beauty Tip** Don't you even think about packing your hair products and straighteners, they are heavy and expensive and will get lost or ruined. Great hair tip for girls with naturally curly hair, take a small empty spray bottle (you can get these from any drug store, even the larger Primark's sell them) fill up with cold water and empty a couple of satchets of salt from the food court, shake then spray onto dry hair and leave to dry naturally in the summer sun, hello sun kissed frizz free curls. (My mum swears by sea water every time, even if it is artificial.

A good pair of denim shorts are a must this summer, fashionable and cool, but if like me you have some issues with your legs throw on a pair of tights, sorted. I instantly loved this outfit because it is comfy and stylish at the same time. A practical warm waterproof is another essential, lightweight and easy to roll up in your bag when the sun decides to make an appearance.

If last nights antics lasted until sunrise, there is no way you are missing your favourite band, throw on a pair of sunglasses and no one will ever know, great hangover cover up. 

**Beauty Tip** Are you fair skinned? Don't suffer from sunburn it is miserable, if I have learnt anything from last week it is the sun in this country IS as strong as we get abroad. Be careful and stay protected. 

Now who said you can't be glamorous, here is a prime example of a girl who has used colour to liven up this denim playsuit. Head scarves will be seen on almost everyone either as a quick fix for your limp locks or just to add a bit of colour to an outfit, get rummaging through the baskets at your local charity shops. I have a slight addiction with scarves my collection is borderline obsession.

I love how this young lady has used colour, red is bold and sexy  and how else do you think you'll make that hot rock star fall in love with you.

**Beauty Tip** My two make up essentials for a festival is my favourite lippy and my Rimmel eye liner. But if you suffer from bad or patchy skin get a light tinted moisturiser, you don't want to clog up your pores, remember your skin care routine is out of the window for the weekend, the best you'll get is a wet wipe and a bottle of water.  

For affordable festival fashion check out Oxfam's great range, don't spend your money on expensive clothes that will get ruined you will regret it and anyway find something unique that screams individuality. If you would like any advice on festivals or do's and don't drop me a line I will be happy to answer any question 
Which ever festival you chose make it one to remember.

Laurie Rose xx


  1. What a fun post! I went to Hop Farm last summer. It was insane! Saw Patti Smith, Iggy and the Stooges, Lou Reed, and Morrissey all in one day. A dream. I'm so pumped up for festival season!

  2. Wow must have been super fun...btw I just came across ur blog n I lie it..the layout ESP is very lovely.....simple n pure
    So how abt we follow each other? Just let me know if u do sothat I can follow u back

  3. My boyfriend went last year he loved it :)
    Holly x

  4. I love the middle outfit <3 The tip about the salty water hair spray is great, I would never have thought of that! Definitely going to give it a go! :)


  5. This is great!! Love those wellies, and your blog! New followers xx


  6. I love the red boots that are shown in the last outfit! I have seen them on pinterest before, and I have wanted them for SO long!

    xo, Scarlett
    The Trendy Chick