This is all a bit hairy.

Louise Galvin.

Happy Saturday everyone, so just over a week ago I was kindly sent some hair care products formulated by none other than celebrity colourist Louise Galvin.
Her multi award winning products have been created to recognise the improtance of clean hair. None of her products contain harmful chemicals such as SLS, parabens, petrochemicals, sillicone or synthetic fragrances, which are almost always found in any highstreet hair care brands.
After becoming acquainted and reading up on the effects that some of these harmful products can have on our hair I wondered how Louise's products would fair next to these highly fragrenced, highly advertised brands.

Before I begin I am well aware that my hair and I have never been great friends, ever since I chopped my lovely locks off and dyed it bleach blonde at the age of thirteen, gradually my luscious locks became thin and wispy and no longer resembled my "crown & glory" as my mother would often refer to it. I would just like to say off the record that I regret ever chopping my hair off, yes mum I admit it you were right all along!

After years of abuse and one fatal incident with a home bleaching kit I was left almost bald (this is no exaggeration, I had a grade three all over) I decided to give my hair a break I let it grow and it was in great condition; was I finally going to have those wonderful locks of my youth? Answer is NO because then I decided to have dreadlocks, yes that's right I did possibly the worst thing that any human being could do to ruin their hair, I wont lie I loved my dreads and the only reason I took them out was due to the fact that I was fed up and they were rather stinky.


Now two months on I have been left with dry brittle hair that resembles what can only be described as candy floss. I am done with using harmful products and abusing my hair any longer. Since unravelling my dreadlocks I have used almost every deep conditioning treatment there is, Frizzys, TIGI, Moroccan Oil, VO5 just to name a few but nothing I found made a slight bit of difference besides make my hair heavy & overly fragranced something my poor other half can't abide. 
When I was given the opportunity to review Louise Galvin's products I was elated, something natural and promising to restores my hairs moisture and protect against environmental damage.

The two items I received arrived beautifully packaged, the outer appearance was simple yet effective. I love the bottle shape and design and I must say they look delightful on the edge of my tub, very elegant. The Nourishing Shampoo for Dry/Damaged Hair retails at £7.95 & The Deep Conditioning Treatment is slightly more at £9.95. For natural products that are long lasting and used as guided this is an investment rather than a splurge.

Now down to the products themselves, on first application of the shampoo (yes I always shampoo twice) I was shocked to find that the product didn't lather as much as the usual brands I had used in the past and there was hardly any fragrance to it. I have recently been using Aussie and if you have ever used it you will know how utterly shocking it would be for your senses, literally one extreme to the other. I was however expecting this so I was neither shocked or surprised as I had done my research. The reason behind this Louise says is her products are free from Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, not only is this chemical used in hair & skin care products but I was shocked to find it is also used as an engine degreaser, how wonderful! The slight fragrance and light application were refreshing and nourishing. 

I would never skip my daily conditioning treatment I love the silky soft feeling they leave and the Deep Conditioning Treatment is no exception to the rule without leaving my hair weighed down and greasy I was able to glide my comb through my hair with ease. The naturally derived ingredients are evident in these products and of course our little furry friends are not being tested at our expense.

After leaving to dry naturally for 10 minutes or so I applied some heat protector before blasting dry and using the flat iron gently to tame any stray wisps. I noticed a vast improvement almost immediately but after a week my hair feels so much stronger and healthier.
Overall I love this brand, Louise has created a product that should be used by women everywhere not just Natural Beauty conscience people like myself because these products actually work, my hair is noticeably brighter and lets not forget the volume, yes that right I have volume for the first time in years, let us make a vow to look after what we have and be proud to be apart of Carbon Neutral Beauty.

Laurie Rose xx

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  1. Definitely going to have to try this stuff out, I bleached my hair like crazy for a year, from pretty much black to white blonde and now my hair is thin, brittle and still falling out. It's so upsetting how lovely and thick my big dark hair used to be, but hey, being blonde was an experience. I'm using Moroccan oil but other than it smelling amazing, I'm not sure I see much difference.


  2. Must try this amazing product. You are totally gorgeous sweetie.

  3. These look like great products! I have used other natural shampoo products and you are right, they do not lather as much, which is good, because I don't think lather is even good for your hair.

    I tagged you in the 11 questions tag! Visit My Blog for details!

    <3 Marielley

  4. Anonymous19:03

    your hair looks lovely. xxxx

  5. Nice review!


  6. I hadn't heard of this brand before, but it sounds great! I'm so glad you started following me, so I could find your blog! I love it :) xx

  7. OOOOH your blog is so pretty! X) love this bubbly vintage mood!

  8. I think I should try this. My hair could always use a lift.