Let's Get Creative

I am very excited to introduce you folks to a new monthly subscription box due to be released in June. It's the UK's very first Craft Box, as a keen crafter I am delighted and intrigued by this wonderful new venture. Each month you will receive a box filled with crafty goodies, plus a separate craft kit with instructions and supplies. The most exciting part of this is each box will be themed, but until it arrives it will be a total surprise :)

I feel Crafty Creatives will inspire people to get motivated with their crafting, I speak to so many people who say they would love to try something new but never do, this is the perfect opportunity. Delivered straight to your door with all the items you need to create something wonderful, no trawling round the variety for craft shops, this is perfect for the working gals out there. The monthly price is standard at £10 + p&p which is in line with all the wonderful beauty boxes out there. 
As I am mainly for the Organic & Fairtrade products when it come to my skincare I haven't subscribed to those said beauty boxes.

I was a tad green with envy that I hadn't snapped this idea up first, I was fascinated to find out more about the people behind Crafty Creatives. They are sister's Isobel & Claire from Scotland. The 30 somethings have a long background into craft & design and say from an early age they have been keen to create. Their extensive list of previous employment & hobbies range from, web design, fashion design, corseting, photography, film making, shoe making & so much more. So who better to be leading this great new Craft Box than Isobel & Claire.
I cannot wait to receive my first box (I can class it as a little birthday prezzie to me seen as my birthday is in June) I will do a full review on here for you lovely folks to see.

Congratulations both on provide us with something fun and satisfy to do.
To ensure we all get the best experience from Crafty Creatives Isobel & Claire have asked for anyone who is interested to complete this survey to help them along the way. 

I would like to wish Isobel & Claire the best of luck with planning the very first box and if you are interested in joining pop over to their web page to sign up for the VIP treatment as the first box will be limited edition it's first come first served - Crafty Creatives.

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone (especially you Aoife

Laurie Rose xx


  1. What a great idea! If only they sent them to Germany as well...

  2. Hi Ling! We are looking into shipping to Europe soon, keep an eye on us and hopefully it won't be too long! :o)

    1. How exciting! Thanks Claire!