Going Green, Beauty Queen.

The Green People. 
A Story of a great company.

This week I have been delighted to have some great offers to review some fabulous organic products, ranging from beauty products to delectable teas. I couldn't believe how kind and responsive these companies have been. It had taken me a while to find my blogging niche but I decided that the items I feel most strongly about are Organic and Fair Trade products and of course knitting, and I thought why not combine the two together in one place. 

The very first item I received was from one of my all time favourite organic skin care companies The Green People. From humble beginnings this brand is now the major Organic retailers in the UK and I am always drawn to their innovative products and commitment to offer us products that are 100% natural, gentle, organic & highly effective. They truly know what they believe in and they stick to that for sure.
It looks great, I received a 200ml bottle of Gentle Cleanse Make up Remover & Cleanser, 100% recycled packaging, simple but effective design including great skin tips to motivate you to live a healthier lifestyle oh and I just love the pump bottle (my obsession on pump action bottles is increasing by the day) Unlike other brands I always find Organic products print their ingredients proudly and The Green People are no exception to this rule. 
I am a regular user of cream cleansers as I have very dry skin, I fell in love instantly with it's fragrance, it reminds me of geraniums my favourite flowers which I found a coincidence, do The Green People know me that well? I used a generous amount and applied all over my face, it glided beautifully over my face, sometimes I find cleansers to be too heavy and swamp my face, but the light heavenly cream was just the right balance. I massaged it into my skin and then washed it off with warm water and muslin cloth. Claiming it removes all traces of make up it doesn't lie. I have very fair eyelashes so I know if there are any stubborn traces of mascara. I was more than happy with the result. After using this product for a few days I have most definitely added this to my daily routine, my skin is brighter, smoother & certainly hydrated. I do suffer with terrible dry skin on my eyelids (am I the only one because I'm sure that's a little odd) but that is virtually non existent after only a few days, I can finally start wearing eye shadow again. 

Just to mention a few of my favourite ingredients, Palm Oil, Hemp Oil, Chamomile Extract & Rose Geranium Oil (which also happens to be fairtrade) This Product is made with 93.7% certified organically grown ingredients, and to no surprise I'm sure they do no test on our little furry friends.

Overall Thoughts.
Transformed my dry flaky skin into dewy, bright & smooth to touch. Even my man friend noticed the difference so there you go girls that must be an incentive. My newly supple skin is a true fan of this product. My Make up now glides onto my skin with ease, no more clumping and tell tale dry skin patches. I feel that this product would suit all ages and all skin types. Gentle to the eyes (as a contact lense wearer) I am very concious of making sure my eyes are also well looked after.

Thumbs Up!
- Great size bottle for the price.
- The scent is to die for.
- Application is heavenly.
- 10% of all new profits are donated to charity (big thumbs up for me)

Thumbs Down
- Pump action allows a little too much out at once causing slight wastage.
(I have sat here thinking of negatives and I really can't)

Thank you The Green People I have loved every minute of reviewing this products and I will continue using this in my daily routine!
If you have used The Green People products let me know what you thought, I would love to hear your own reviews.

Laurie Rose xx

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The Green People


  1. oohh, this cleanser seems so great! I'll most certainly try this out sooner or later (:

    1. You really should, it is wonderful, it smells so good and my skin has been so much better this last week!

      Followed your blog it's great!


  2. This sounds so good! I love cream cleansers too, they're definitely my skin's favourite type. Also, good choice of duvet, I have the same!xxx