Blue Rinse @ The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon.
A story of the beauty nature creates.

At the weekend while have a gathering with friends we decided that this week we would have an adventure. So today we planned to take a drive a few miles away from my home town to a beautiful natural beauty called The Blue Lagoon. It is the remains of an old slate quarry and over time has filled up creating a beautiful blue pool in the centre. The properties in the slate (please correct me if I am wrong) have dyed the water a dazzling milky blue and on a sunny summers day the views are breathtaking. And breathetaking can only describe the hike we had to make to get there, I have just realised how unfit I am, back to yoga next week it is for me.

I am such a lucky lady, today I got my first ever Apple item, I am now a proud owner of an iPhone 4s I am super happy. I can't believe the quality on the camera, it is 8mp!
I had the best day & I have to say my friends are truly the greatest, thank you Eliot for saving my life! Oh if you like art and things check Eliot's page he is rather good.

My First Ever Blue Rinse Creation!

I have lots of exciting products to review over the weekend, so expect to be bombarded with blog posts on Monday....Don't forget to enter my giveaway you have just over a week, all the detail are right here.

Hope you have a great weekend, what are your plans?
Laurie Rose xx

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  2. That blue water looks absolutely incredible! I love discovering pretty little spots near home (or at least I did before I moved right downtown! Xo Lori

    1. I love being so close to the country side it wonderful! I am very blessed to have places like this on my doorstep!

      Followed I love your blog :)


  3. Anonymous15:35

    What a cool place! I'm thinking of getting an iphone, but I hate going to phone stores :)

    Mabel Time

    1. you should they are amazing!!! I have fallen in love with mine hehe!
      but i totally agree I hate phone shops too!


  4. Anonymous03:20

    i love you're bow (:

    those pictures are so cute.


    1. Aww thank you I have followed your blog I LOVE it :)


  5. looks like you had a great time! love those sunglasses!

    found the route