DIY Knitting Needle Cases.
A story of the best DIY a girl can do.

My close friend Martha volunteers at one of our local charity shops in the beautiful village of Llangollen in North Wales a few times a week, a great way of getting crafty tips from some of the more mature ladies of the village. They know everything there is to know about crafting and they do love to share. As most people know Martha is Henry's sister so we tend to descend on them at least twice a week , Martha and I craft while the boys play video games. 

The beautiful village, Llangollen.

We love exchanging hints and tips on new crafty finds, this week Martha showed me how to create a beautiful knitting needle case fashioned from on old neck tie. I was intrigued.

And here it is...

Simply measure the length you will need, cut to size, turn inside out and sew up the end. Either with a sewing machine or by hand which ever you find easiest. Sew on a jazzy button (this was one of my thifty finds today) Make a loop and voilĂ  it's as simple as that.
Few insider hints and tips, the centre seem you can see here on this picture was only lightly stitched, so as I turned it inside out it fell apart. Run it through on the machine, just in case one of your needles goes astray. I have a feeling I'm going to be going DIY case mad. I have always wanted to find a use for all those flamboyant neck tie's you find in charity shops and this is just wonderful. 

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Laurie Rose x

If you like the look of Llangollen and are thinking of holidaying in Wales, get in touch. I have written a travel piece and will share information of the things to see and do.


  1. That first photo is so beautiful.

  2. Llangollen looks so lovely :)

    I love the little cases! So cute and clever x