Bow Madness.
Another story about bows.

I love staying at Martha's (not only is she Henry's sister but she's a really good friend of mine) We have wonderful days out and we always go thrifting (first picture of me without my dreadys :( still have some sneaky ones at the back) We stay two nights a week in their beautiful cottage, which they are currently renovating IT IS AMAZING!  We pretty much eat, drink tea, watch Henry on Video Games and knit, in Laurie Land I would be doing this everyday if I could.
So enough about my life story, here is the new edition to my collection, these teeny tiny olive green bows measure 5cm in length, I'm planning on putting them on bobby pins and hair elastics.
I also had a successful day thrifting in Ellesmere. 
My New Leather Sewing Case 40p.
Beautifully thin and frizzy wool and teeny needles to work with roughly about 50p for both, had such an amazing day, the quaint town of Ellesmere in situated in Shropshire, I love it! Filled with locally produced butchers to an array of inviting charity shops, I was in my element. The picturesque houses are ultimate chocolate box, thatched roofs to Georgian terraces. Sash blooming windows EVERYWHERE!  (the small things in life eh?)
So this evening I have been giving a knitting lesson to Martha, just how to cast off but it was so much fun, we spent hours sat while the boys played video games. 

I have been taking orders this week, so if you have a favourite colour, wool type or size preference, just let me know I'm happy to try it all!! 
Hope you all like my new little babies, 
Please drop me a line anytime with feed back I would love to hear from you guys and gals...

Laurie Rose x


  1. You are so so cute, love the green bow.

    1. thank you, you should check out my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Blue-Rinse/341700072511248

      :) xxx

  2. Laurie!!!!You talented thing u!I wish u lived nearer so we could have craftanoons and tea!Are you on ravalry?I love buying my wool and needles from charity shops!A combination of my two loves!xx

    1. Thank you Sophie :) it would be very cool if I lived nearer, I'm actually coming down to London next week and we were thinking of coming to Brighton for the day, would be great to catch up, if you're around? sending lots of loves from Wales to you both xxxx