Baby Brave & The Love Bites open mic night at Telford's Warehouse, Chester.
A story of a Welsh invasion.

Well, as the internet has decided to just stop working at home, I have only been able to post this one today. On Sunday we went along to the open mic night at Telford's Warehouse in Chester, hosted by Baby Brave & the Love Bites a Wrexham based band, fronted by a good friend of mine Emily. It is such a lovely venue; exposed brick walls and old pump surrounded by candlelit tables. 

Emily (in the rather fetching dinosaur tee), Jo in spots, Mike on Drums and Sian on Bass.

Opening the night, we heard a small collection as a teaser for the evening ahead; never knowing what to expect at an open mic night, we settled in for a pint of responsibly priced cider and enjoyed the picturesque setting of the beer garden on the canal. Baby Brave & the Love Bites have a quirky French sound making me want to walk along the sand on a sunny day, picnic in the park or merely bob along as I bumble down the street. Bringing warmth and fun back into the rather quiet open mic night. There were a few local people covering some interesting songs, but third to last on the bill was my wonderful other half, performing under the name Field Commander I managed to get a front row seat, to support him in his acoustic set. As he hasn't played live for such a long time I have never had the opportunity to see him perform, all though I get serenaded on a regular basis, in fact my Christmas present was a personally written song all about me, and they say romance is dead, eh?

Henry playing his first gig for over a year.

 We also had a stunning solo performance from Laura-Leigh. One of a wonderful four piece band, also from Wrexham Heal the Last Stand; her beautiful voice intoxicates the audience, the delicate lyrics accompanied by a beautiful guitar is always a mesmerising experience, take a look Laura's wonderful band.

After another dose of upbeat wonder it was time to say goodnight to Chester and the first open mic night I had attended in such a long time. After a delightful singsong besides the canal, we taxied home. Saying farewell to good friends we arrived home to late night snacks and The Young Ones on VHS.

Keep your eyes peeled for Friday's instalment of One Thousand Eight Hundred Second Weekend, the second issue of my eclectic music choices to keep you going through the weekend.

Laurie Rose x

All pictures in this post are courtesy of Emily and Laura's wonderful photography skills :)

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