Walking in a Winter Wonderland.
A romantic day out in Manchester

Today I experienced something quite magical. Albert Square in Manchester not to be mistaken for the Soap Opera setting in East London, was transformed into what can only be described as a Winter Wonderland. As we approached, I could see the wonderful twinkling light - it was a rather mild December afternoon but as it being the shortest day of the year, you can only imagine it being eerily dark for 2pm. The aromas were tickling my nostrils, as I hadn't eaten a single thing all day I was hoping to sample some of these incredible looking goodies all around me. I was spoilt for choice, there was everything from German Hot Dogs to Paella, Macaroons to Belgium Chocolate covered banana's.
First stop though had to be the famous German beer stall. Not being a big drinker any more I now prefer drinking for pleasure and appreciation rather than to get drunk. The beer had a strong flavour but was cold and crisp, yummm.

Here I am sampling the German beer, I'm not going to lie this got me merrily on my way, no more for Laurie Rose that was for sure.

Henry & I (he could have smiled)
A day out in Manchester never fails to amaze me everytime, I always uncover new wonders. The northern quarter is probably one of my most favourite places to visit, the array of vintage shops, musky vinyl outlets get me lost in wonder.
Definitely a day out for everyone.
Laurie Rose x

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  1. You two look so cute together, and you are wright, he could have smiled a bit more.